Scores From This Weekend – Men’s Club Rugby: Mar 7, 2015

What a big week of Rugby this past weekend for the Men’s Club. The games that were the biggest really lived up to their hype, the games that were mediocre, stayed mediocre. Let’s see how I did in my predictions this week. I’m entering with a 26-5 overall record this season.


Life University 80, New Orleans 8

I went 1-0 in this. Even though it was a friendly, this definitely was a more one sided game than I expected. New Orleans looks like they have some issues to figure out, if they want to be back in the championship game. 

Carolina Rugby Club

Charleston 59, Ft. Bragg 0

ATL Old White 15, Greenville 17

Life University 66, ATL Renegades 12

I went 2-1 in this match up. The Greenville vs. Old White game was as close as was expected. So I’m not to mad with losing this one. 

Florida Rugby Union

Boca Raton 45, Jacksonville 15

Tampa Krewe 12, Miami Tridents 34

Miami Rugby 14, Orlando 59

Naples Hammerheads 14, Ft. Lauderdale 43

I went 4-0. There is nothing too surprising about this. Most of these matches were mismatches. And Jacksonville is turning down as their competition is going up. 

Baton Rouge Rugby Club: courtesy of Thomas Shaw
Baton Rouge Rugby Club: courtesy of Thomas Shaw

Texas Rugby Union

Oklahoma City Crusaders 38, Little Rock Stormers 58

Tulsa 66, Shreveport 19

I went 2-0. Shreveport didn’t play as well as I expected, despite being on the road. But both teams are top of the RRRC division 2. Nothing surprising here. 

True South Rugby Union

Nashville 53, Memphis Blues 38

Baton Rouge 39, Birmingham 24

Chattanooga 58, Hopkinsville 0

Went 2-1. The Chattanooga/Hopkinsville game was delayed from the original match date of February 21st. Memphis disappointed me on the road, messed up my perfect union record…for this week. Grrrr do better.

This week I went 11-2 this week. Overall I am 37-7. Until next week MONDAY. Cheers!

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