Scores From This Weekend: Women’s college Rugby – Weekend of March 28

It was championship week in Women’s college Rugby this week. Plenty of teams looking to take the top spot for their conferences. We missed a couple of the conference battles in my predictions, but have still placed them because…well they happened.

SIRC playoffs



Life University 102, Florida State University 0
Univ. of Central Florida 34, Univ. of Florida 32


Univ. of Alabama 15, Univ. of Georgia 10
UT-Chattanooga 12, Emory University 25

Courtesy of Univ. of Alabama Rugby Club
Courtesy of Univ. of Alabama Rugby Club



Life University 18, Univ. of Central Florida 10

Third place
Univ. of Florida 19, Florida State University 32


Univ. of Alabama 19, Emory University 5

I went 3-3 in this weeks predictions. I was correct in my predictions about the SIRC Division I, but I was completely wrong in my Division II predictions. Either way, great games by all participating teams. 

Overall I have am 15-7 on the season in the predictions for this season. 

Florida Rugby Union

Florida International 64, USF 7

Mason-Dixon Rugby Conference


Univ. of North Carolina 54, Virginia Tech 26
West Chester University 35, Virginia 20


Univ. of North Carolina 5, West Chester University 58

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