SPONSOR: Gift-Time Rugby Network partners with Belief Sports USA

In the consistent effort to revolutionize the way rugby is perceived, Gift-Time Rugby Network and Belief Sports USA have partnered to help achieve that goal. Belief Sports USA and Gift-Time Rugby Network believe in the philosophy of building for the next generation, whether it is in apparel or media.

Belief Sports USA strives to be a major figure in the sporting goods industry as a brand developed with a passion for sports and an active lifestyle. Combining quality, technology and innovation, Belief Sports is consumer focused with an intent to deliver the most functional and durable sportswear for athletes of all types.

This year, rugby will have a chance to be seen on the biggest world stage during the Olympics in Rio. The motivation for the next generation of rugby players starts today. Gift-Time Rugby Network and Belief Sports USA want to help guide this new generation and help inspire their cause.


Check out Belief Sports USA on Facebook  or at their website

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