Spotlight Coach of The Week – Billy Nicholas

The Lindenwood University women’s rugby team is on the rise as one of the top college women’s programs in the country. Who is leading this impressive group of women you ask? None other than coach Billy Nicholas.

Nicholas found his start in rugby after college where he began coaching high school and this inspired him to get to the next level. He explained, “It wasn’t until after college when I started becoming involved in the sport. I had the opportunity to begin coaching in high school which led me to want to coach at a higher level and also play the sport as well. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the best coaches and people in the nation at Old Blue Rugby in New York in 2013 and 2014.”

Heading into his third year at Lindenwood, Nicholas has a lot of reasons on why he loves coaching, but his favorite part is developing the person before the player. He continued, “My favorite part about coaching is putting the person first. I am and will always be a teacher at heart, I use coaching as a means of helping others fulfill their potential and reach their goals not just on the field but off it, to assist them in their life journey.”

Although coaching rugby is any ruggers dream occupation, it still takes a lot for that person to run a team and be at the top of their craft. What keeps Nicholas going though is the outstanding players he has the opportunity to work with. ”

“I was and am still inspired to coach rugby because of the opportunity to work with such dedicated and inspiring people in an amazing sport driven by strong moral and performance values. The people I get to coach and interact with are my true day to day inspiration,” explain Nicholas.

Nicholas and team head off to Cootage Grove, WI this weekend for a fierce match-up against Wisconsin Women RFC.

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