Spotlight Player of The Week: Dylan Delisle

Tulane senior 8-man, Dylan Delisle, is ending her time with Tulane rugby on an extremely strong note as she was just named MVP of the Spring Hill 7’s Tournament.

Delisle started playing rugby her freshman year of high school because she did not like the way the soccer program operated at her school. She explained, “I started playing rugby my freshman year of high school because I disliked the internal politics involved in club and high school soccer.  The coaches would not let me try out as a goal keeper due to personal issues I had with a past coach and so I politely declined any offer of a placement on a team.  My mother insisted I still participate in a physical activity so when a friend invited me to rugby practice I thought I would try it out.  After the first practice I loved the community and the sport.”

Delisle has had nothing but positive experiences while playing for Tulane rugby and sees her team as a close knit family. ” I have loved playing rugby for Tulane. The Tulane team starting back up brought back the close knit community that I had in high school.  It has been amazing to watch and be a part of the growth of this team and family,” said Delisle.

Delisle looks to nail a drop kick. Photo Courtesy of Tulane Rugby.
Delisle looks to nail a drop kick. Photo Courtesy of Tulane Rugby.

Although Delisle has had amazing experiences with Tulane, her favorite rugby moment comes from her senior year of high school with her new coach. She said, “That semester, we gained a new assistant coach and she was the first female to work with us.  During one game she had us all lay down on the field in a “girl talk pow wow.”  She kicked our head coach off the field because he couldn’t be a part of the “girl things happening.”  I remember this moment fondly because it was our first bonding moment with the new coach and it let us seniors know that our rookies were in good hands.”

Delisle will lace up with the Tulane women’s squad one last time this Saturday to cap off her impressive career with Tulane.

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