Spotlight Player of The Week – Jamie Marmalejo

Jamie Marmalejo is a fierce competitor on the pitch and is helping the University of Missouri women’s rugby team take their game to the next level.

After trying out wrestling and basketball, the fly-half realized that neither sport was aggressive enough for her so her older sister turned her to the game of rugby. “I started playing rugby my freshman year of high school. I use to wrestle and play basketball but both sports were not aggressive enough for me, so my older sister steered me in the direction of rugby. That is what started my seven year journey,” explained Marmalejo.

Marmalejo takes command on the pitch.  Photo by  Elizabeth Jennings
Marmalejo takes command on the pitch.
Photo by Elizabeth Jennings

After getting her start in high school, the Health Science major has played at a variety of levels including the national team but sees playing for Mizzou as the best decision she could of made. She continued, “Each person on this team brings something to the table, we build off each other and it is amazing to watch it all come together on the pitch. Attending a large University like Mizzou, we are all faced with different stress that effect our lives, but on the pitch everyone seems to put those aside and work hard to develop their rugby skills.”

Although playing at Mizzou has been a tremendous experience, Marmalejo’s favorite rugby moment comes from her high school playing days. ” I would have to say winning the 2012 High School State Title would be my top one. We were the underdog team and until the second half, losing by a try. With minutes left we scored and took the title in 90 degree weather. Since then, the Plainfield Girls Rugby team has protected that title and grown into an amazing club. I have met a lot of amazing people on that team I could never replace,” said Marmalejo.

Mizzou women’s rugby will host the UCM Mules this weekend at 12:00 p.m. on Epple Field!

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