Spotlight Player of The Week – Jeff Mauras

Jeff Mauras is no stranger to the game of rugby. The eight year veteran has been making plays at outside center for Louisiana State University since he first put on a Tigers jersey. The senior, chemical engineering major, has brought the LSU back line to new heights.

Mauras’ story began his freshman year of high school when he started hearing about rugby and picked up the sport at a camp prior to starting school. From there, a senior at the camp noticed his talent and urged Mauras to come out for the team. “It was actually one of the seniors from the camp who thought I had a real knack for the sport and persisted that I just come out to at least one practice. I finally gave in and have loved it ever since that first practice,” said Mauras.

Playing at LSU has been a tremendous honor for the star athlete. With great tenacity and dedication he was able to move his way up from the B side to a starting position at center. Mauras explained, “I went to the rookie camp before my first day of college and met the leaders of the club and knew this was the place for me. I started my first game at LSU as the B side captain and moved my way up to a starting position at outside center.”

Team bonding on road trips is something Mauras has come to greatly appreciate and cherish as well. He continued, “Taking trips with the club was a great way to bond with the guys on the team and meet many knew faces from clubs across our division.”

Mauras has had amazing memories with LSU but his favorite time while playing rugby comes during his time in high school. It also served as a stepping stone for his future with the Tigers. Not only did he win a state championship, Mauras was voted the MVP by a LSU rugby representative.

With his final year winding down, Mauras is set to finish out with the Tigers until graduation day and then hopes to continue his playing days in New Orleans, if his job allows.

LSU has been battling hard this season in SCRC action and we hope the best for Jeff and his squad!

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