Spotlight Player of The Week – Noelle Heiser

Being a student at a military academy is no simple task. Now add the commitment of playing the tough sport of rugby and you have yourself a grueling schedule. Sophomore, Noelle Heiser, embraces the toughness and determination that it takes to play for the Air Force Academy.

Heiser got her start playing rugby when her father would bring her out to the pitch during his practices. From there, she grew a love for the game. “My father played rugby and would take me to the pitch as often as he could. I grew to love the sport and the culture around it,” said Heiser.

The vigor of the Air Force is what attracted Heiser to the academy. “The intensity of the Air Force Academy drew me in from the start and I love how it challenges me daily,” she continued. The Air Force Academy offers a much different student experience than your typical college experience. The faculty and staff expect much more than most universities. “Naturally, we are expected to handle much more than the normal college student has to handle but in doing so we are able to grow into adults responsible enough to commission as officers in the Air Force,” said the behavioral science major.

Having the opportunity to represent your country is something every athlete dreams of. Luckily for Heiser, she had this opportunity in high school when she played with the U-20’s All Americans. “I had the opportunity to play with the Under 20 Women’s National Team in high school. I learned so much from that experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world,” explained Heiser.

Gift-Time Rugby wishes the best to Heiser as she continues her journey of representing her country at the highest level!

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