Spotlight Player of The Week: Briana Oglesby

Briana Oglesby has come a long way with Georgia Southern University women’s rugby. Oglesby started off not knowing a single rule of the game and now she has progressed to the point of being named co-captain of the team and coaches the team as well.

Oglesby became interested in rugby her freshman year when she saw he rugby table at the university’s SOAR fair. She explained, “I saw the recruiting table and had no idea what rugby was but it looked really tough and like a lot of fun. I enjoy trying new things so I tried it out and loved it.”

From there, Oglesby flourished as a player. She said her favorite part about rugby is hanging out with her team and loves all the people she has met due to the sport. “My favorite moments are just hanging out with my team and laughing ’til it hurts,” said Oglesby.

Oglesby makes a tackle during a game against Tulane. Photo Courtesy of Tulane Women's rugby.
Oglesby makes a tackle during a game against Tulane. Photo Courtesy of Tulane Women’s rugby.


Oglesby is a sports management major and exercise science minor and is gaining valuable experience through her various roles with her rugby team. “Not only do I love playing and coaching, it also looks great on my resume as a Sport Management Major and Exercise Science Minor,” said Oglesby.

Oglesby is thankful for the various opportunities that have given to her while playing for Georgia Southern. She said the memories are endless. She says, “The memories I have playing rugby are endless. The best part is when someone scores for the first time or makes their first big tackle.  Playing rugby for Georgia Southern has allowed me to travel all over the south and play big name schools such as, UGA, Georgia Tech, FSU, Clemson, and so on. The experiences and opportunities I’ve had are beyond what I expected when coming to college.”

Check out Oglesby and the rest of the Georgia Southern women’s team as they play Spring Hill at home this weekend.

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