The Summer Regional Cup Tournaments Are Coming

USA Rugby has done it again! They are providing younger players the opportunity to be seen and be scouted by collegiate teams as well as national scouts

The purpose of the Regional Cup Tournaments is to allow younger players a chance to be seen on the pitch. It is a way for collegiate scouts to see where players are in their skill sets and national teams to see if there are any standouts that may be worth taking a chance on training up.

There are currently five regional tournaments this year. Four of these sites are familiar to the USA Rugby family while one is newly added.

NOLA Barbarians Rugby at the NOLA Collegiate 7s Tournament; Photo by SJ Arvo
NOLA Barbarians Rugby at the NOLA Collegiate 7s Tournament; Photo by SJ Arvo

The tournament dates are:

South Regional Cup – Charlotte, NC (June 18-19)

West Regional Cup – Denver, CO (June 18-19)

Northeast Regional Cup – Albany, NY (June 18-19)

Midwest Regional Cup – Rockford, IL (June 25-26)

Northwest Regional Cup – Portland, OR (June 25-26)

USA Rugby scouts as well as collegiate scouts go out to these tournaments to watch players and see just what it is that they are about on and off the pitch.

Over the course of these weekends, selectors are seeking both boys and girls to play for the Boys and Girls High School All- American competition. This competition allows athletes to play across the country on tours and compete against other progressive programs. These matches take place in July after the Regional Tournaments.

Athletes in every region are selected to participate in different events after the regional tournament. Athletes in the east receive the opportunity to play in the GHSAA U18 & U16 teams to play vs Quebec or the BHSAA U18 vs British Columbia in Seattle.

This year the regional tournaments are focusing on helping athletes, as well as their parents, connect to colleges in order for students to have the opportunity to continue playing at the next level. This provides students the chance to earn potential scholarships to continue to play in there years to come. 

USA Rugby encourages students and their families to take full advantage of these opportunities to speak with colleges as they get read to train students to continue and maybe be scouted continuously to the national teams potentially.

The Regional Tournaments are a great way for student athletes to show potential scout coaches and teams what they are capable of while developing their careers as rugby players. These tournaments provide them the chances are potentially going to an All American team and playing in bigger games against teams outside of the US. hey are a great way for athletes to access their standings as they continue to grow in the sport.
We look forward to watching them this summer.

Source: http://www.usarugby.org/2016/05/regional-cup-tournaments-open-doors-for-young-athletes/


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