Super Rugby star takes time for local clubs

On a cold 40 degree night on LSU campus, in Baton Rouge, LA, the city of Baton Rouge’s Rugby players were attaining a special training session by a Rugby Elite.

Beau Robinson, a Super Rugby League player for the Queensland Reds, in Australia, made a trip to the Louisiana to provide a special session of Rugby lessons for the Rugby players.

Along with being an elite Rugby player, Robinson has opened a new company that will look to help USA Rugby players have a chance to go overseas to play, train and learn with Australian Rugby coaches in Australia. As well as give Australian Rugby players a chance to come to the States to play.

Players that came to learn from this special session range in age and experience. From guys who are playing collegiate Rugby for LSU. To players who have been working with the Baton Rouge Men’s club and have been playing for years. Everyone was able to get something out of the lessons.

It goes without saying that the international world has recognized the strong potential for Rugby in the USA, and how it can affect the rest of the world stage as it continues to rise to prominence.

With organizations such as Suporda and knowledgeable Rugby players like Robinson hoping to help lead the way in transitioning the athletes in the USA, Rugby in this country can hope to see a major rise in its skill levels. Only the future can tell what happens next.

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