Rugby World Cup 2015 Breaking Barriers

The 2015 Rugby World Cup was economically the most successful to this date. The Cup generated £2.3 billion in economic output according to EY who published the report in 2015. The World Rugby website says that England 2015 was the most competitive, best attended and most viewed internationally. Out of the eight tournaments up to date, […]

Time For Redemption In The JWC USA

Today the USA will be playing Scotland for contention for 9th place in the Junior World Championship. Over the last week we have seen the USA get absolutely demolished by elite tier teams such as South Africa, France, and recently, a Junior World Championship record breaking, 109-0 loss to England. There is no doubt that […]

USA woes against France in the Junior World Championships

97-0 and 45-3. These are the scores from the first two games of the Junior World Championships that Team USA played against South Africa and France. USA enters into their last game of pool play 0-2 and they still have not been able to gather the concept of playing as a team with cohesion. When […]