Games To Watch This Weekend – Club – March 7, 2014

[match id=100] When: 2:00pm Where: Ramsey Park, 3609 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL 35213 This will be a rematch for these two teams. Baton Rouge (2-4) travels to Birmingham (4-2) this weekend. The last time these two teams faced each other, Birmingham won 13-10 in Baton Rouge. This match will set up who will control their […]

Games To Watch This Weekend – Club – February 28, 2014

[match id=175] When: 2:00pm Where: AC Steere Park, Shreveport, LA Shreveport (1-3-1)will be at home taking on Katy Rugby (1-4) this weekend. Shreveport is coming off a blowout win against Bay Area defeating them 90-10. Shreveport hopes to use this to be able to elevate them forward for another win. The last two weeks Shreveport […]

Games to Watch This Weekend – Club – February 21, 2014

[match id=99] When: 1:00pm Where: Montague Park, 1175 E. 23rd, Chattanooga, TN 37408 Baton Rouge (2-3) will be taking on Chattanooga (5-0) this weekend. Chattanooga has been an absolute force this season. They are coming off a 36-10 over Knoxville. They have swept through their schedule and haven’t kept it close. Baton Rouge has their […]

Games to watch this weekend – Club – February 7, 2014

[match id=97] When: 2:00pm Where: 2599 Avery Ave, Memphis, TN 38112 Baton Rouge Rugby (1-2) will be heading to Memphis, TN, to take on the Memphis Blues (0-2). Baton Rouge played a close game against Birmingham last week. Penalties have been the Achilles Heel for this team. Baton Rouge has the talent to be able to […]

Scores from this weekend – February 3, 2014

CLUB HARC 22, New Orleans RFC DI 17 HARC 37, New Orleans RFC DII 28 Baton Rouge RFC 10, Birmingham RFC 13 Tulsa RFC 33, Shreveport RFC 17 COLLEGIATE Men LSU 52, UGA 10 Loyola U. 66, UWF 21 Ava Maria University 36, Florida Gulf Coast University 0 Vanderbilt 35, University of Kentucky 22 University of South Carolina […]

Games To Watch This Weekend – January 31, 2014 – Club

We have so many games for this week, we’ve decided to split up the Games to watch between, Club, College and High School. This is another great weekend of rugby [match id=96] When: 2:00pm  Where: BREC Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, LA  This is the first cup match for both teams this Spring. Baton Rouge […]

Scores from this weekend – January 20, 2014

CLUB New Orleans DI 36, Dallas Harlequins 8 New Orleans DII 36, Dallas Harlequins DII 24 Shreveport 17, Little Rock 39 Baton Rouge 28, St. Louis 32 COLLEGE Valdosta State 93, Emory 0 LSU 47, St. Louis University 12 Loyola U – New Orleans 20, William Carey 0 (Forfeited) Tulane 19, Vanderbilt 31    

Games for this weekend – January 18, 2014

The spring college rugby season has finally reached us. Collegiate rugby players have returned back to school, and are opening up their season with Friendlies and Cup games. On the club side, it’s a new week and teams are setting up for another new set of challenges. Here are some games for this week that […]