New Orleans Collegiate Rugby 7s Tournament Broadcast

The New Orleans Collegiate Rugby 7s Tournament  will be taking place on Saturday, February 18th. It is the premier 7s tournament hosted by Tulane University Men’s Club. This will be the second annual New Orleans Collegiate Rugby 7s Tournament. First match starts at 9:40 am.  Teams that will be competing: Tulane Rugby Lindenwood – Bellville Rugby […]

Men’s Division II USA Rugby College 7s National Championship Results

Pool A Principia 35 Providence 12 Coast Guard 7 Minnesota Duluth 26 Principia 0 Minnesota Duluth 38 Coast Guard 28 Providence 17 Principia 21 Coast Guard 26 Providence 0 Minnesota Duluth 55 1. Minnesota-Duluth (3-0) 2. Coast Guard (2-1) 3. Prinicipa (1-2) 4. Providence (0-3) Pool B Wisconsin Whitewater 56 Vassar 0 St. Louis 29 […]

Games for this weekend – January 18, 2014

The spring college rugby season has finally reached us. Collegiate rugby players have returned back to school, and are opening up their season with Friendlies and Cup games. On the club side, it’s a new week and teams are setting up for another new set of challenges. Here are some games for this week that […]