Rugby TV ratings increased from last year

(SOURCE) The tv ratings from the USA 7’s Tournament, this past weekend, have come in and the news is good. Sort of. The Nielsen Ratings recorded that the tournament brought in a 35% increase from last year, giving the tournament its highest rating of 1.0. Even though the rating in comparison to other sports is extremely […]

Breaking News: New Orleans advances to quarterfinals of USA 7’s Las Vegas Invitational Tournament

The New Orleans Royale, the primer 7’s side for the New Orleans Rugby Club, has made it to the quarterfinals, after going 2-0-1 at the Las Vegas Invitational Tournament yesterday. The Royale finished the day with wins over Peru (35-0) and Atlantis (22-7) and a tie against Couscous (19-19). The Royale will be opening up […]