Todd Clever Speaks Out On Dismissal

It looks like the story of Todd Clever’s dismissal from the USA Eagles team has a new perspective to it. In a new article posted today by DeepSouthRugby.net, Todd Clever seems to reveal the full story of what happened in the bitter divorce between himself and the USA Eagles.

After the losses at the World Cup, Clever seems to have add some extra element of collusion and shows of mismanagement in the USA Eagles coaching staff, namely coaching tactics by Mike Tolkien. One example seems to explain the issue that was provided that Clever missed team meetings:

At one of the first team meetings we got the week’s schedule, and Wednesday was a free day. Wednesday was the day of the ESPY awards. I went to Tolks and asked if I could attend the ESPY’s, and since Wednesday was a day off, it didn’t seem to conflict with any team activities. He said it was my day off. I had the schedule. I could do what I wanted, but I needed to be back for 9:30 am on Thursday. I checked flights and could be back at 7:30 am. It was pretty cool to have an opportunity to be part of the whole ESPN/ESPY thing, so I invited Scott LaValla, and we went.

On Wednesday the coaching staff decided to put in a 30 minute gym session for 6:30 – 7:00 am on Thursday. They sent the email out announcing the added gym session at something like 4 pm on Wednesday. By the time I got the email it was probably 11:30 or midnight. Scott and I knew we couldn’t make the early morning gym session, and there was nothing we could do about it. We felt hopeless. We had planned everything out to be back and do everything on the schedule, and now it was impossible.

It seems like everyone is a bit sensitive after the less than impressive performance by the USA Eagles, at the Rugby World Cup, and scrambling to figure out the exact reason what happened. Looks like this will be another puzzle piece for people to look into .

SOURCE: http://www.deepsouthrugby.net/rugby-world-cup/10-22-15-todd-clever-reveals-the-full-monty/

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