USA Sevens Rugby Squad Selected

2065131_IPDNEWS(Source) The USA Eagles Seven’s squad has officially selected their 12 players for the upcoming Gold Coast 7’s tournament in Australia. On October 12th & 13th, the Eagles will be carrying a squad that that is lead by several of the key players from this summers Rugby World Cup Sevens match. Players such as, Zach Test, Carlin Isle, and Nick Edwards. There are new players to watch such as, Patrick Blair out of Central Washington, Ryan Matyas and Stephen Tomasin.

The glaring name that stands out on the roster was the newly minted head coach, Matt Hawkins. Despite having been a leading player for the Eagles Sevens team this past summer, it is a bit distressing that he is on the roster as an active player and coach. A concept that might work at the club levels of rugby, but doesn’t seem realistic for international rugby. Especially considering that the USA team ended poorly in their last outing during the Rugby World Cup Sevens. I hope that Matt Hawkins does not find himself getting play time. I am a staunch believer in the separation of responsibility between coach and player, and often times when someone is trying to do both, they are unable to complete maximize their duty at either position.

USA Seven’s Squad:
Pat Blair, Miles Craigwell, Nick Edwards, Tai Enosa, Jack Halalilo, Matt Hawkins, Carlin Isles, Ryan Matyas, Folau Niua, Zack Test, Brett Thompson, Stephen Tomasin

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