(VIDEO) MTSU Sets Up For Sweet 16s

Middle Tennessee State University was granted another opportunity at a D1AA playoff run for this upcoming weekend, as they set to take on South Independent Rugby Conference Champs, Florida International on April 2nd. MTSU has been putting in postseason work since their second place conference finish on November 22nd.

They kicked off a tough spring season schedule with a loss to University of Cincinnati, 34-22. They tested their will against D1A #8 ranked, Indiana University, losing 64-0. They would finish third in the SIRC 7s tournament based in Musfreesboro, TN. At Nashbash they went 3-0 defeating Ball State, Oakland University, and University of Louisville, allowing only 10 points and scoring 123 points.

This is a team that now is set to make their 2nd push in the Sweet 16’s in 4 seasons. Check out this news report on the next moves for MTSU.

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