Are Rugby Academies in the USA Set For a Renaissance?  

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. This was definitely one of the most active weekends of rugby that we’ve had in a while. There were strong 15s international matches happening. In South Africa, we had the South African women taking on Spain women, and South African men facing off against New Zealand for the […]

Local Rugby Player Shows How To Recruit Using Digital Advertising

As we return back to play in this post-pandemic era, we need to use the lessons learned from the pandemic to adjust the way rugby is run. While there are still traditional ways of recruiting new rugby players, we need to take the opportunity to invest in methods that can do the work, when you […]

HBCU Rugby Classic Renames Trophies For 2021

The HBCU Rugby Classic and Music Festival is officially announcing a change to the championship and player of the match trophy starting this year.  Each year teams have the opportunity to compete for the HBCU Rugby Classic Championship trophy, as well as have the top player from each division have the opportunity to be awarded […]

Collegiate Rugby Star Creates New App For Athletic Recruiting

Offseason isn’t just a term that is used to describe the period between when a sports season ends and begins, but for transition and connection. Efe Ovie, a former Bethel University rugby player, and his friends have put together a new app for connecting athletes with collegiate coaches, known as OFFSZN.  Ovie, software designer, Kendall […]

The BBQ: Juneteenth Celebration Panel

This episode of The BBQ was a Juneteenth celebration, hosted by the HBCU Rugby Classic, where we took the time to discuss rugby and culture from the African-American perspective. The guests are Phaidra Knight, World Rugby Hall of famer. Tosan Tutse-Tonwe, founder of Viral Rugby. Koma Gandy Fischbein, head coach of All Navy Rugby. Tiana […]

Greaux Rugby Podcast: Cheta Emba of USA Rugby Eagles Women

Cheta Emba is one of the leading rugby 7s fullbacks in the world. A Harvard graduate, who has found success in both athletics and academics. We talk about how she started in rugby, her experiences at the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics, and what her platform means to her. Sponsored by Rugby Outlet Mall, […]

Singapore To Tokyo: Anyway We Can Documentary Premieres

It was supposed to be simple. Just a bike ride through Southeast Asia and the opportunity to go to the Rugby World Cup 2019. For these two friends, it became more than just a trip. It became the adventure that neither expected, but both needed. Jason and Gift were two fledgling rugby reporters, and friends, […]

This Week In College Rugby: Analysis of Lindenwood vs Arkansas State

On Episode 5 of This Week In College Rugby, I had the chance to go over last weeks Midsouth game of the week, Lindenwood Rugby vs Arkansas State Rugby. Definitely had a little bit of fun doing this analysis. Great for laughs and information. Check out the full episode at It includes this and […]