#18 LSU Rugby vs. #10 Arkansas State Rugby Match

#18 LSU Rugby will be hosting #10 Arkansas State this weekend. This will be a rematch game for both teams, after Arkansas State defeated LSU at home, 45-5, on October 8, 2016.

Since then, both these teams have been tearing through their opponents. LSU has been running through their opponents since their loss to Arkansas State. Since October 8th, LSU has gone 6-0 and outscored their opponents 373-64, including a 129-0 win over University of Houston. Arkansas State hasn’t been a pushover either. Arkansas State has gone 4-2 since their win over LSU, only losing to #2 Life University, 34-10, and #9 Davenport, 15-12. Of their 4 wins, 2 of those wins were against Red River Rugby Conference teams, Oklahoma (69-3) and Arkansas (48-15).

This game will be an excellent measuring stick for LSU as they look to the playoffs. Check out the game in the link below.



1. Smith, Jackson
2. Breit, Hunter
3. Dazet, Porter
4. Mullins, Andy
5. Stratton, Zach
6. Ruocco, Joe
7. Falcon, Brennan
8. Dupre, Todd
9. Lloyd, Mike
10. Crilly, John
11. Mitchell, Charles
12. O’Neil, Treavor
13. Wisecarver, Thomas
14. Miller, Alec
15. Troxler, Cameron


16. Robin, Ryan
17. Ferris, Jackson
18. Flores, Louis
19. Belleau, Peter
20. Nicolosi, Kenneth Tarzan
21. Caravella, Joe
22. Owens, Mike
23. Cusimano, Jared

Arkansas State

1. T. Kennell
2. K. Makuvire (c)
3. T. Pope
4. T. Maree
5. C. Robinson
6. P. Alvarez
7. B. Walser
8. J. Ray
9. B. Roper
10. Z. Young
11. A. Pretorius
12. J. Moustier
13. N. Abreus
14. P. Weigel
15. V. Balande


16. N. Pena
17. G. Soileau
18. O. Magome
19. C. Gentry
20. J. Mellish
21. S. O’Hanlon
22. S. Fangaiuiha
23. B. van Niekerk

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