Alev Kelter Teaches Olympic Regiment On Dr. Oz

Olympic Rugby star, Alev Kelter, had the opportunity to be on Dr. Oz on November 30th. Alev Kelter has been gaining notoriety in the public space since the USA Women’s Rugby 7s team finished the Olympics in 5th place.

Kelter was invited on to the Dr. Oz show to give some suggestions on how to keep in shape.  One of the best parts of this was watching Dr. Oz try and touch his toes. Even though the segment was relatively short, it was impressive to hear how Kelter is able to keep herself at peak shape. The regiment that she goes through daily takes extreme discipline and mental toughness. You don’t become a three sport Olympian, but waking up at different times everyday and eating whatever you feel. Kudos to her, as she gets ready for another Rugby 7s seasons.

You can watch the full segment of the show here

Check out some screenshots from her appearance yesterday:

Alev Kelter on Dr. Oz picture-1


Alev Kelter on Dr. Oz picture-2


Alev Kelter on Dr. Oz picture-3


Alev Kelter on Dr. Oz picture-4


Alev Kelter on Dr. Oz picture-5

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