Atlanta Focusing On U19 Women’s Rugby

The growth of rugby has been well documented. With more athletes starting at a younger age, we see an increase in the talent at the highest level of rugby. Today, the Atlanta Harlequins, Atlanta’s elite women’s club rugby side, have announced that they will be developing the women’s Under-19 rugby team. This is not the first time the Atlanta Harlequins have lead the way in the development of women’s rugby in Atlanta. The Harlequins have had their hands in the development of Life University Women’s Rugby side, who are coached by Harlequin’s Co-President, Rosalind Chou. The Harlequins also maintain sides for division II club rugby, as well as take part in the Women’s Premier League, playing elite women’s club rugby against other teams around the country.

The growth of Women’s rugby has been explosive, to say the least. Creating opportunity for women to play at an earlier age only ignites growth that much more.

We’re eager and excited to create a viable pre-collegiate side that gives young female athletes ….the opportunity to choose rugby as a viable sport

claims, Harlequins Co-President, Judy Dickson. Adding to the sentiment, Chou explained,

…the potential for a rugby career through college and into club level, and maybe even beyond, is something we feel is important in growing the women’s game in the states, and especially in the South

Atlanta Harlequins will be providing the program will be composed of players from around the Atlanta metro area, regardless of high school affiliation.

SOURCE: Atlanta Harlequins Announce Creation of U-19 Team

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