Clemson Rugby Accesses Death Valley

It was a little over a month ago that we heard the story about how Clemson Rugby lost their field due to the universities expansion. It was only a few weeks prior to the Varsity Cup Collegiate Tournament, and there was uncertainty with where the club was going to do to moving on. Shortly after that announcement, there was a steady out cry of support for the Clemson Rugby teams plight.

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You have to appreciate the reach of support that people had for this situation. Clemson has been a club that has been rising in notoriety within the USA Rugby community regionally and nationally. There was no doubt that this team has built a tight resume of success over the last 4 years. Whether it has been their dominance in the former Atlantic Coastal Rugby League, or their participation in the Varsity Cup, or their impact on the Penn Mutual College Rugby 7s Championships.

This next few weeks, Clemson is getting ready for their appearance in the Penn Mutual College Rugby Championships in Philadelphia, PA. It looks like Clemson University paid attention to the people.

Getting to practice inside Clemson University’s Death Valley Stadium is an amazing opportunity. A 100 million dollar stadium, with state of the art features, is being occupied by this lowly rugby team. The voice of families, the Clemson Rugby Foundation, the Clemson University Rugby Club, the fans, people who may have never realized that Clemson Rugby existed and spoke out, and supporters have helped push this team forward. It shows what can happen with the future of college rugby. It shows what can happen when the collective can put their heads together and execute an initiative. Congratulations to Clemson Rugby for making forward progression on their goals.  Can’t wait to hear what more is coming for this team.

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