Club Southern Championships Preview

Today is the Southern Championships will be taking place in Montgomery, AL. There will be 12 teams competing for a chance to move on in the USA Rugby Club Championships. These 12 men and women’s teams, have proven to be the most competitive teams in the southeast region.

The teams that will be competing this weekend will be:

Women’s Division II: Charlotte Women vs. Nashville Women & Atlanta Harlequins vs. Fort Miami

Men’s Division II: Charlotte Rugby vs. Nashville & Chattanooga vs. Miami Tridents

Men’s Division III: Savannah vs. Montgomery & Sarasota vs. Southern Pines

Let’s break down these match ups

Women’s DII

Charlotte vs. Nashville

Charlotte Women’s Rugby have been one the up and coming teams these last few years. They have been bolstered by a strong support of the Charlotte Rugby program. Last year, Charlotte made it to the playoffs for 2015 after going 7-0 in the regular season. They defeated Charleston Hurricanes, and lost to the Augusta Furies. This season Charlotte Rugby came back with a fury. They went 6-0 this season. They averaged 70.4 points per game, and allowed an average of 4.3 points per game with four of their games being shut outs. They defeated the Atlanta Harlequins in the Carolina-Georgia Conference Championships, 31-24. Charlotte is led by scorers Amanda Watkins and Elizabeth Ravaioli.

Nashville Rugby has been a dominate team in the True South Rugby Conference. The last two years they have come in #1 in the conference with a playoff appearance. Last season they lost to the Atlanta Harlequins in the playoffs, and will look to try and make up for that against Charlotte. This season Nashville went 6-0-1. They averaged 52.7 points per game and allowed 17.2 points per game. Their biggest competition was against the Louisiana Lagniappe and Knoxville Minx. Nashville’s leading scorer’s have been Natasha Lesnefsky and Candace Barley.

These teams are very similar in many ways, particularly in the power of their own conferences. But look for Charlotte to take this win. Their body of work has been phenomenal. It’ll be a close game, 45-35.

Atlanta Harlequins vs. Ft. Miami

Ft. Miami and the Atlanta Harlequins will be facing off today for their shot at the championships.

Fort Miami has been strong team this year. They went 5-1 this season. Fort Miami averaged 46 points per game, and allowed only 12.8 points per game. Fort Miami’s biggest games have come against Orlando, where the split 1-1. In addition they played a close match against the Jacksonville Sinners. Players to watch for Ft. Miami are Brie Cokos and Tatum Walker.

The Atlanta Harlequins are entering into these playoffs with a 4-1 record. The Atlanta Harlequins are coming in as the second place team out of the Carolina-Georgia Rugby Union. The Harlequins have been scoring an average 37.4 points. They have allowed 7.8 points in the regular season. The Harlequins lost to Charlotte in the union championships. The players to look out for are Monique Compito and Laiose O’Driscoll.

The Harlequins are a very experienced team, but Ft. Miami has played a tough schedule. Look for the Harlequins to take this match early, 30-15.

2016 South Championships Bracket

Men’s Division II

Charlotte Rugby vs. Nashville 

This is a battle between the Carolina-Georgia champions and the True South Rugby runner ups.

Charlotte has been working strong this year, despite losing key players to professional rugby. Charlotte is 6-2 this season. Charlotte has averaged over 30 points per game, and allowed 25 points per game. They lost to Atlanta Old White, 55-22, and Atlanta Renegades, 27-22. Players to watch this weekend are Henry Hicks and Landis Terry.

Nashville has been a break out team this year. They went 5-1 in the regular season. They finished second in the True South Rugby Union. Nashville had a colossal season this year. They averaged 36 points per game, and allowed 15 points per game. Their greatest win accomplishments came when they defeated Chattanooga during the regular season, thought they lost a close game to them in the True South Championships. Their leading scorers are Westley Steele and Matt Hundley

Look for Charlotte to take this game, 22-10.

Chattanooga vs. Miami Tridents

This is the battle of the True South Rugby Union champions and the Florida Rugby Union Champs. Chattanooga will be taking on the Miami Tridents this weekend. Chattanooga

Chattanooga enters into these playoffs with a 6-1. They won the True South Championship again for the 3 straight season. They scored an average of 40 points per game and allowed 19 points per game. Chattanooga has struggled with games this season. They lost one to Nashville, and barely defeated Memphis in the True South Rugby Union. Look out for leading scorers, Chase Riemer and Tom Snow.

The Miami Tridents are 9-0-1 this season. They have swept through Florida to find themselves in the Southern Conference finals. The Tridents are averaging 42 points per game and have allowed 14 points per game. Watch out for leading scorers Ranald Schultz and Anthony Barcena.

Look for Miami to take this match, 28-25.

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