Collegiate Rugby 7s Championships Schedule

The Collegiate Rugby Sevens Championships begins tomorrow morning. Aren’t sure what games are happening, and when they are happening, we have it right here for you. It’s going to be a great weekend of Rugby. So sit back, and enjoy and don’t forget to return back here for your scheduling.

You can watch all the matches at USARugbyTv.com

Men’s Division 1

Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
15 11:20 AM Ciber Stadium Central Washington North Texas Pool A
18 11:40 AM Ciber Stadium San Diego State Nevada Pool A
21 12:00 PM Ciber Stadium Arizona State Texas A&M Pool D
24 12:20 PM Ciber Stadium Cal Poly SLO Iowa Pool D
41 2:40 PM Ciber Stadium American International Bowling Green Pool C
44 3:00 PM Ciber Stadium Wisconsin Mississippi State Pool C
47 3:20 PM Ciber Stadium Utah Sacramento State Pool F
50 3:40 PM Ciber Stadium Davenport Miami (OH) Pool F
67 6:00 PM Ciber Stadium Central Washington San Diego State Pool A
70 6:20 PM Ciber Stadium St. Mary’s West Virigina Pool B
73 6:40 PM Ciber Stadium American International Wisconsin Pool C
76 7:00 PM Ciber Stadium Arizona State Cal Poly SLO Pool D
79 7:20 PM Ciber Stadium Lindenwood Stony Brook Pool E
81 7:40 PM Ciber Stadium Utah Davenport Pool F
Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
16 11:20 AM Barton Stadium St. Mary’s Colorado State Pool B
19 11:40 AM Barton Stadium West Virginia Texas State Pool B
22 12:00 PM Barton Stadium Lindenwood Central Florida Pool E
25 12:20 PM Barton Stadium Stony Brook Arkansas Pool E
42 12:40 PM Barton Stadium Central Washington Nevada Pool A
45 3:00 PM Barton Stadium San Diego State North Texas Pool A
48 3:20 PM Barton Stadium Arizona State Iowa Pool D
51 3:40 PM Barton Stadium Cal Poly SLO Texas A&M Pool D
Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 POOL
17 11:20 AM Diane Wendt American International Mississippi State Pool C
20 11:40 AM Diane Wendt Wisconsin Bowling Green Pool C
23 12:00 AM Diane Wendt Utah Miami (OH) Pool F
26 12:20 PM Diane Wendt Davenport Sacramento State Pool F
43 2:40 PM Diane Wendt St. Mary’s Texas State Pool B
46 3:00 PM Diane Wendt West Virginia Colorado State Pool B
49 3:20 PM Diane Wendt Lindenwood Arkansas Pool E
52 3:40 PM Diane Wendt Stony Brook Central Florida Pool E
69 6:00 PM Diane Wendt North Texas Nevada Pool A
72 6:20 PM Diane Wendt Colorado State Texas State Pool B
75 6:40 PM Diane Wendt Texas A&M Iowa Pool D
78 7:00 PM Diane Wendt Miami (OH) Sacramento State Pool F


Women’s Division

Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
7 10:20 AM Ciber Penn State Rutgers Pool A
10 10:40 AM Ciber UC Davis Montana State Pool A
13 11:00 AM Ciber California James Madison Pool D
33 1:40 PM Ciber Central Washington Humboldt State Pool C
36 2:00 PM Ciber North Carolina Princeton Pool C
39 2:20 PM Ciber Virgina Air Force Pool B
59 4:40 PM Ciber Virginia Stanford Pool B
62 5:00 PM Ciber Texas Tech Air Force Pool B
65 5:20 PM Ciber Penn State UC Davis Pool A
Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
8 10:20 AM Barton Virginia Texas Tech Pool B
11 10:40 AM Barton Stanford Air Force Pool B
14 11:00 AM Barton Texas Lindenwood Pool D
34 1:40 PM Barton California Lindenwood Pool D
40 2:20 PM Barton Stanford Texas Tech Pool B
60 4:40 PM Barton Central Washington North Carolina Pool C
63 5:00 PM Barton Princeton Humboldt State Pool C
66 5:20 PM Barton Rutgers Montana State Pool A
Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
9 10:20 AM Diane Wendt Central Washington Princeton Pool C
12 10:40 AM Diane Wendt North Carolina Humboldt State Pool C
35 1:40 PM Diane Wendt Penn State Montana State Pool A
38 2:00 PM Diane Wendt UC Davis Rutgers Pool A
61 4:40 PM Diane Wendt California Texas Pool D
64 5:00 PM Diane Wendt James Madison Lindenwood Pool D

Men’s Division II

Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
1 9:40 AM Ciber Principia Providence Pool A
4 10:00 AM Ciber Coast Guard Minnesota Duluth Pool A
27 12:40 PM Ciber Notre Dame College UNC-Wilmington Pool C
30 1:00 PM Ciber Southern Illinois James Madison Pool C
53 4:00 PM Ciber Wisconsin Whitewater St. Louis Pool B
56 4:20 PM Ciber Vassar East Carolina Pool B
Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
2 9:40 AM Barton Wisconsin Whitewater Vassar Pool B
5 10:00 AM Barton St. Louis East Carolina Pool B
28 12:40 PM Barton Principia Minnesota Duluth Pool A
31 1:00 PM Barton Coast Guard Providence Pool A
54 4:00 PM Barton Notre Dame College Southern Illinois Pool C
57 4:20 PM Barton James Madison UNC-Wilmington Pool C
Match Time (CST) Stadium Team 1 Team 2 Pool
3 9:40 AM Diane Wendt Notre Dame College James Madison Pool C
6 10:00 AM Diane Wendt Southern Illinois UNC-Wilmington Pool C
29 12:40 PM Diane Wendt Wisconsin Whitewater East Carolina Pool B
32 1:00 PM Diane Wendt St. Louis Vassar Pool B
55 4:00 PM Diane Wendt Principia Coast Guard Pool A
58 4:20 PM Diane Wendt Providence Minnesota Duluth Pool A

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