D1A Bracket Challenge: Peoples Bracket – Round 1

What a weekend of Rugby. The D1A playoffs officially began this past weekend. We had our inaugural D1A Bracket challengers submit their brackets in and are ready for a chance to take the Bracket challenge championship.

Here is a quick review on our point system:

Per correct pick
First round – 1 point
Second round – 2 point
Final Four – 3 points
Finals – 5 points
Champion pick – 8 points
Predicted score – Tie Breaker

After Week 1 here are our results from the D1A:

D1A Rugby Bracket results - week 1
D1A Rugby Bracket results – week 1

For the most part you can see that the favorites pretty much took this match. Lindenwood put their foot and leg into Colorado State. Utah narrowly escaped with a win over Cal Poly. Davenport ended Wheeling Jesuit’s winning run to move into round 2.

Now lets take a look at our participants:

We had three participants step up to the D1A Rugby Bracket Challenge. Jason Mapp, Kolbe Conger, and Seth Little. Let’s see how these fellas did this week.

Jason Mapp

Jason Mapp - Round 1
Jason Mapp – Round 1

Jason Mapp came in strong kicking off the round 1 getting 2/3 correct. His bets on Utah and Davenport, were pulled off, though he wasn’t able to win on the Colorado State pick.

Round 1: 2 points
Total Points Awarded: 2 points

Kolbe Conger

Kolbe Conger Bracket - round 1
Kolbe Conger Bracket – round 1

Kolbe Conger also matched with Jason Mapp for coming in strong. Went 2/3 on the choices, but wasn’t able to get the correct side of the coin on the Utah vs. Cal Poly pick. Still what a way to start the challenge off.

Round 1: 2 points
Total Points Awarded: 2 points

Seth Little

Seth Little - Round 1
Seth Little – Round 1

It looks like Seth Little refused to give into any of his competitors, as he was able to go 2/3 also. It looks like the People’s Bracket will be going hard during this challenge.

Round 1: 2 points
Total Points Awarded: 2 points


1. Jason Mapp (2pts)
1. Kolbe Conger (2pts)
1. Seth Little      (2pts)


The D1AA Bracket Challenge is still available.

If you want, go ahead and download the bracket D1AA Rugby Bracket


  1. To participate, each contestant needs to download a copy of the bracket(s) that contestant wants to participate in
  2. Each bracket must be fully completed and turned in before the first date of the playoffs (D1A – April 18, 9:00am EST; D1AA – April 25, 9:00am EST)
  3. The winner will be determined by the points gained by the correct pick
    1. D1A
      First round – 1 point; Second round – 2 point; Final Four – 3 points; Finals – 5 points;
      Champion pick – 8 points; Tie Breaker
    2. D1AA
      Elite Eight – 2 points; Final Four – 3 points; Finals – 4 points; Champion pick – 7 points
  4. Tie breaker will be the predicted score of the championship match
  5. To submit brackets either:
    1. Email the completed copy to gifttimeproduction@gmail.com
    2. Post a picture of the completed bracket on Twitter (@GiftTimeRugby). Post it under #RugbyBrackets.
    3. Message it to Facebook Page, Gift-Time Rugby Network


  • Prizes will be determined by how many brackets each participants
  • Media prize – The Championship Belt
  • Two Bracket Winner:
    1st place – Gift-Time Rugby Network Trophy
    2nd place – Gift-Time Rugby Network consolation prize
  • Single bracket winner:
    1st place – TBD
    2nd place – TBD

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