Former Lindenwood Rugby Player Heads New Sports Agency

Rugby is truly growing in the USA, as more and more organizations are mobilizing themselves to represent potential rugby stars in their professional endeavors.

Tadhg Leader, former Lindenwood University and Connacht rugby player, has taken over as the Chief Operating Officer for the USA offices of Digidust Sports Agency. Digidust Sports Agency is a French based sports agency, that focuses on opening opportunities for rugby players to play professional rugby in France and the United Kingdom.

Digidust Sports Agency has already started their efforts in signing players. They have added former Washington State football player turned rugby athlete, Psalm Wooching, and former Lindenwood University rugby co-star and USA Rugby player, Malon Maurice Aljiboori, to their roster of players. It doesn’t look like they are stopping there.

You can read the rest of their press release down below:

Digidust Sport (https://digidustsport.com) is pleased to announce the agency is now operating in in the #UnitedStatesofAmerica. From its head quarters based in #WestPalmBeach#Florida, the #Rugby Marketing & Management Agency will work nationwide with American rugby players, teams and institutions.

Pierre-Olivier Carles (https://twitter.com/pocarles) will serve as President of the U.S. company, as he already does it for the international group, and Tadhg Leader (https://twitter.com/tadhgleader) will serve as Chief Operating Officer.

« We are excited to establish a presence in the United States. This country is renowned for producing some of the most amazing and successful athletes in the world, and there’s no reason it should be any different in rugby. With USA Rugby doing a great job at an international level, and the promising Major League Rugby at a domestic level in it’s infancy, we think the United States has a bright future in the game, and that it’s the right time for us to contribute in the development of our sport here. » says Pierre-Olivier Carles.

Digidust Sport has a proven track record in developing players and helping them take their rugby to the highest level. With the help of a vast pool of highly regarded partners in conditioning, performances, nutrition, rugby skills and mental preparation, the players working with Digidust Sport will have access to world class expertise when needed.

Digidust Sport also offers Digital and #SocialMediaMarketing services to support players’ personal branding development and grow their fan base.

« We want to offer our players, guidance and business management services, but also domestic and international opportunities depending on their profile, current stage of development and personal aspirations » confirms Tadhg Leader. « We have already identified players we think we can help take their career to the next level, and some of them have already joined Digidust Sport. »

Among the premium players Digidust Sport United States already represents, there are young and amazing talents like Malon Aljiboori (https://twitter.com/MalonAljiboori) who is one of the most promising back row players in America, having captained the U20 and has experience on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. He is joined by the explosive Psalm Wooching (https://twitter.com/PsalmWooching) who left #NFL opportunities after having captained the Washington Husky Football, to focus on his rugby career.

« We are already talking with prominent clubs in France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy, to promote some of the American players we represent. » adds Damien Dussault (https://twitter.com/DamienDussault), CEO of Digidust Sport Group. « We definitely have their attention. We are working with some of them to make sure we put everything on our side for the first contracts to be successful for both the players and the clubs. The more American players playing at a high level domestically and abroad will serve to raise the standard of the International team and compete more consistently on the World stage.»

Psalm Wooching who was one of the first players to join Digidust Sport in the U.S. says about the agency:

“Digidust sport has quality personnel and years of professional experience behind their belt. It feels more like a family than a business, with relationships like that there is no doubt I’d trust them with my future career and pathway to it. They help build a brand to portray you and your voice to the world on and off the field. With years of professional experience in the Rugby world, Family type relationships and a networking platform like no other there was no hesitating when asked to sign. Digidust truly cares about you as a person and with that they try to find the best fit place for you, making sure you’re taken care of not only on the pitch but after it. Glad to have signed in with the Digidust Family and excited for the future.”

About Digidust Sport

Digidust Sport was co-founded in France by Damien Dussault, Stéphane Menoret and Pierre-Olivier Carles. In 2017, the company represents more than 100 players and coaches around the world, mainly in Europe, many being international players. We have a highly committed staff to ensure each player is given the upmost attention to have a successful playing career alongside Digidust Sport.

The agency focuses on Rugby Union heroes, and always establishes its own presence in the country it operates in. All its agents are seasoned professionals who have a proven expertise in the game.

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