Games To Watch This Weekend – January 11, 2014

The Spring season is back in full force this weekend. Club teams are starting to get back into session. New Orleans DI and DII are coming off a perfect Fall cup season in their new division, Texas Rugby Union. Shreveport Rugby opens up their  DII season. Coming off a 2 loss season where they just missed the playoffs, they are looking to start the season off right. So here are the games that we have coming up for your viewing pleasure this week:

[match id=108]

Where: 2 Blair Bridge Dr., Conroe, TX 77385
When: 3:00pm 

This will match up the New Orleans RFC DI (2-0-1) and the Woodland RFC DI (0-2) this weekend in Austin, TX. New Orleans last game was against the Austin Huns on December 14th, where they won 37-19 in a very one sided game. New Orleans DI RFC will most likely have their way with this team. I predict a score of 45-15 New Orleans DI. Expect strong play by center Bobby Johns, and Fullback, Jeff Reuther.

[match id=125]

Where: 2 Blair Bridge Dr., Conroe, TX 77385
When: 1:30pm 

This will pit New Orleans DII RFC (2-1) against Woodland Rugby DII RFC (1-1). New Orleans is coming off a 18-7 win over the Austin Huns on December 14th. Woodlands DII is coming off a 50-7 win on January 4th. I expect this to be a close game, with New Orleans winning 27-20.

[match id=170]

Where: 3200 N. Independence, Oklahoma City, OK
When: 2:00pm

Shreveport will be opening their cup rugby season against Oklahoma City this weekend. These two teams played each other in their final game last season, with Oklahoma City getting the edge on Shreveport 44-41. Shreveport is looking to start the season with momentum.

Battleship vs. Baton Rouge

Where: Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
When: 12:00pm 

This is a friendly match against two former divisional rivals. This is a good warm up match for both teams as they prepare to open their Spring component of their cup seasons in the next few weeks. Baton Rouge will be getting some new reps for the many new players that will be starting this season. This will be a good match for both teams coming off the holiday break.

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