Games To Watch This Weekend: Griffins vs. New Orleans

The Griffins (4-4) travel to New Orleans (3-4) for a rematch divisional game. The first time these teams played, New Orleans lost to the Griffins, 47-0. The Griffins are ranked 4th overall in the Red River D1. They have continued to establish themselves as one of the best teams in the division. Their only losses come against the division leaders, Dallas Reds and Austin Blacks. New Orleans has been struggling this year. They have been able to defeat the bottom two teams in the league, but against teams with winning records, they are 0-4 against the Griffins, Dallas Red, Austin Huns and Austin Blacks. New Orleans is coming off a loss against the Huns just last week. On the road, the Griffins have scored an average of 29 points per game and allowed an average of 25.2 points per game. At home, New Orleans has a scoring offense that averages 25.6 points per game, and a scoring defense that allows 30 points per game.

Players to watch for New Orleans are veteran, Jeff Reuther and 2nd year player, William Stewart. Jeff Reuther has been a long time figurehead for this New Orleans team, playing at flyhalf and center, his skills are set to place New Orleans in the best position possible. In the forwards, William Stewart has been a multi-talented force for New Orleans. With the loss of Cam Falcon to PRO Rugby North America, and a further weakened front 8, the elusiveness of Stewart and push will be huge for New Orleans. Players to watch for the Griffins, Jacob Abbot and Jake McCloud. Jacob Abbot is one of professional players for the Griffin. A dynamic force at flanker, Abbot can be found making big plays all over the field. It also helps that he has 3 tries on the year to help push the offense. Jake McCloud is the leading scorer for the Griffins with 11 tries on the season. Working at 8-man, his multiuse has worked wonders in the power style of rugby that the Griffins are best known for.

Look for the Griffins to take this match on the road. Griffins win 35-12.

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