Gift-Time Rugby Network Playoff Bracket Challenge

It’s time. It’s playoff time. Gift-Time Rugby Network is bring about the first Rugby Bracket Challenege….at least for us. I’m calling out ALL the Rugby media people out there. We taking the challenge to you. I’m willing to invite anyone who wants to join. We’ll be adding the men’s brackets as soon as they get in. Jump in on the women’s while you still can! But we want the media members. We’ll be posting all the results before the matches start!

Women's College D1 Playoff Bracket
Women’s College DI Playoff Bracket
Women's College DII playoff bracket
Women’s College DII playoff bracket


Download and fill out the brackets. Post it with #RugbyBrackets and see how you do. 

Women’s College DI Playoff Bracket

Women’s College DII Playoff Bracket

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