Greaux Rugby Show: Carille Guthrie of James G. Robertson & Clive Sullivan Rugby Foundation

Carille Guthrie is an HBCU Alum, rugby player, engineer, and international traveler and so much more. She has been supporting rugby where ever she lands, regardless of whether it’s working with Doctors across borders in Ebola containment, or helping to young rugby players in Malawi, she is always representing her community. She founded the non-profit, James G Robertson & Clive Sullivan Rugby Foundation, an organization focused on working to develop viable rugby programs at HBCUs. Interview starts at 31:45 mins

USA Rugby Missed its Moonshot and Great Britain Rugby in Lingerie Controversy Rugby Swag Show with Gift 'GiftTime' Egbelu

USA Rugby Eagles lost a close match against Romania. Romania was the team that got bodied in the Rugby World Cup. Does this loss impact the Moonshot 2031 Initiative that was laid about by Scott Lawerence. Major League Rugby will be hosted at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego and their musical guest will be DJ Marshmello. Jasmine Joyce, Ellie Boatman, and Celia Quansah of Great Britain Olympic Rugby team do controversial #StrongisBeautiful body positivity campaign. We go over the Olympic Rosters and Pools and predict what the results will be. Plus looking at which players are preparing to retire (Perry Baker, Tyla King, Portia Woodman-Wickliffe). — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/rugbyswagshow/support
  1. USA Rugby Missed its Moonshot and Great Britain Rugby in Lingerie Controversy
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  3. Summer and Olympic Rugby Rosters are Set (episode 125)
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  5. Premiership Rugby Team Moving to Major League Rugby (Epis 123)

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