Greaux Rugby Show: Daniel Davillier Jr., captain & Co-Founder for Howard University Rugby Men

Daniel Davillier has been playing rugby since high school and envisioned starting a rugby legacy by helping to found a rugby team at Howard University.  

We speak about his journey in balancing rugby and school.

Rugby Entrepreneurship and need for systems around it (Episode 75) Rugby Swag Show with Gift 'GiftTime' Egbelu

We talk about the need for entrepreneurship in rugby. How to make it happen, and the perspectives that it should come from. And a change to the show.  Sign up for the HBCU Rugby Classic Community Newsletter and get access to early deals, prizes, and HBCU news and information GiftTime Media & Productions is a marketing and content production agency that focuses on utilizing rugby as a tool for marketing, establishing client retention, and community development. Offering highlight videos and hype videos. Get yours today. Green Geeks – Get access to one of the best and most eco-friendly web hosting platforms in the world. You can create your own e-commerce store, websites, and more with ease. Don't allow yourself to only be at the mercy of social media. Rugby Outlet Mall – 20% off all GiftTime Rugby and HBCU Rugby Classic merch with promo code, 'GREAUX RUGBY' Time Code: Intro – 00:00 Alex Goff Opinion Piece – 02:35:00 Rugby Entrepreneurship to Rugby Culture – 12:02:00 My Rugby Entrepreneurship Journey – 22:18:00 How To Make Rugby Entrepreneurship Happen – 28:47:00 Rugby Entrepreneurship – Player POV – 29:24:11 Rugby Entrepreneurship – Coaches POV – 37:32:00 Using Data for Fandom – 42:14:00 Rugby Entrepreneurship – Storytelling POV – 45:33:00 Rugby Entrepreneurship – Other Efforts POV – 51:45:00 Knowing Where You Fit In – 54:12:00 — Support this podcast:

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