Happy International Women’s Day To Our Rugby Women

We want to wish all our rugby sisters a Happy International Women’s Day. We don’t ever want to limit the impact that women around the world have to simply one day, but we definitely want to make sure that we take the moment to let our rugby sisters around the world know how special they are to the sport.

Passion, loyalty, camaraderie, and ferocity, make up the characteristics of a rugby player. Our rugby sisters show that every time they are on the field, and continue to breakthrough the societal expectations  that are placed on them. Whether they are in the United States, or England, China or Afghanistan, women around the world have worked extremely hard to continue to make their place in the rugby echelons and inspire the generations to come.

So to all women, especially our rugby women, thank you for continuing to do what you do. Never stop. You deserve everything and more and we hope to continue to evolve rugby together!


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