Life University Women’s Rugby Claims First National Sevens Title

Even though the weather was not perfect conditions on this past Sunday, May 29, Life University managed a 10-0 win over Lindenwood at the USA Rugby Collegiate National Sevens Championship. One try in both halves was enough to get the win done for their first national title.

The conditions of the match were not all too great,as it caused not only footing but handling errors, making little mistakes costly errors on both sides of the ball.

Heading into the end of the first half, Megan Rom was able to get through some Lindenwood defenders to score the try that would put the Running Eagles up 5 at the half.

When the two teams stepped back onto the pitch, Life’s defense was prepared for Lindenwood, they played to keep Lindenwood out of the try zone clenching hard to their 5-0 lead.

Lindenwood tried to gain some momentum with a kick that was picked up, but it was ran into an open field tackle by Life’s Kaitlyn Broughton, with the Lindenwood player all alone, the ball was poached and ran for a 50-meter try putting Life up 10-0.

With the conditions being what they were a low scoring game was to be expected but Coach Rosalind Chou had this to say about the effort, “The women stepped up to the challenge and played some excellent defense.”

Life has continued to climb the latter showing what they can do with the opportunity, and are expected to do great things on Friday at the Collegiate Rugby Championship in Philadelphia.

Source: http://www.liferunningeagles.com/article/712.php

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