Memphis Youth Progress Rugby Opportunity

If you haven’t heard, the youth rugby program in Memphis, TN has received quite a bit of acclaim for the work they have done. Last year they released a riveting documentary short called the “Power of Rugby”. The documentary piece followed the growth of the Memphis Inner City Rugby program, lead by Devin O’Brien and Shane Young, and the effect that it had on several of the young players that participated in the program.

Well after 4 years of participation the Memphis Inner City Youth Program at the Power Center Academy, three of the athletes have been honored for their hard work with college scholarships for playing rugby. Calvin Gentry, Jestin Thompson, Jaelen Maxwell will sign their letters of intent on March 11th, to play collegiate rugby next year.

(From left to right) Calvin Gentry, Jestin Thompson, Jaelen Maxwell
(From left to right) Calvin Gentry, Jestin Thompson, Jaelen Maxwell

Calvin Gentry will be signing his letter of intent with Arkansas State University to play for Shaun Potgieter, Jestin Thompson will sign with Lindenwood University – Belleville to play under Pat Clifton, and Jaelen Maxwell will sign with Middle Tennessee State University to play for Jody Hensley.

Congratulations to these young men for the work that they have done. Watching this next generation of Rugby players develop will be a joy to watch.

If you want to check out the documentary short, “The Power of Rugby”, check out the link below:



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