Pitch Vision Podcast episode 001: Meet Ashlee Byrge

Pitch Vision is the new podcast hosted by Gift-Time Rugby Network, where we take the time to talk to former and current rugby coaches and players, as well as people who are active participants in rugby from all levels. Pitch Vision will delve into the minds of these passionate rugby aficionados, as we learn more about why they got involved with rugby, and how their lives have changed as a result of it.

In this episdoe  talk with rugby star for Central Washington University, Ashlee Byrge. Byrge has a long resume in rugby, during her short career. Coming out of Utah, she is multiple time high school and collegiate USA Rugby All-American. She talked to us about where she started from and how she has found success in rugby. Also, talking about how she organizes her life and lessons that she has learned along the way.



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