Breaking News: PRO Rugby Schedule Released

PRO Rugby North America has finally released their official schedule, as their April 17th start date quickly looms forward. The PRO Rugby North America League will be playing from April 17, 2016 – July 31, 2016. Check out what the schedule looks like so far.

4/17/16: San Francisco at Sacramento & Ohio at Denver
4/23/16: Sacramento at San Diego
4/24/16: Denver at San Francisco
5/01/16: San Francisco at Ohio & Denver at San Diego
5/08/16: San Diego at San Francisco & Ohio at Sacramento
5/15/16: Denver at Sacramento & Ohio at San Diego
5/20/16: San Francisco at Denver
5/22/16: Sacramento at Ohio
5/28/16: Sacramento at San Diego
5/29/16: Ohio at San Francisco
6/05/16: Denver at San Diego
6/12/16: San Diego at Ohio
6/18/16: San Francisco at San Diego
6/19/16: Ohio at Denver
6/26/16: San Francisco at Ohio & Sacramento at Denver
7/03/16: Sacramento at San Francisco & San Diego at Ohio
7/09/16: Ohio at Sacramento
7/10/16: San Diego at Denver
7/16/16: San Diego at San Francisco
7/17/16: Sacramento at Denver
7/23/16: San Diego at Sacramento
7/24/16: Denver at San Francsico
7/30/16: San Francisco at Sacramento
7/31/16: Denver at Ohio

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