Rugby Recap: April 1st – 2nd

Although it may have been a weekend of jokes and tom foolery, the rugby had this past weekend was certainly serious. In Men’s Collegiate play, it was a series of battles for supremacy as titles, finals, and semis were on the line. In the PAC West final, UC Davis defeated Chico 26-18 to seize the day and title. Among Ivy League Play In’s Princeton beat Penn 45-0, then fell to Brown 19-12. Mid-South action saw Lindenwood top Clemson 71-5 while their cohort in Life University neutralized Davenport 45-11. In the Red River Conference, Baylor defeated LSU 25-22 to secure the championship. LSUA topped Loyola to clinch the Mid-Atlantic South Region Championship with a score of 26-15.

Photo Credit: Denton RFC

In Men’s Senior Division, the Austin Huns defeated the Utah Select XV’s 48-22 to remain undefeated at home. The Dallas Reds clinched the Gold Cup via a win versus Chicago 22-21, and via a bracket win on the part of Metropolis. The Austin Blacks D3 side fell to the San Marcos Greys 64-5, and San Antonio defeated Corpus Christi 41-12.





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