Rugby Recap: March 24th-26th

With April fast approaching and various divisions starting their respective championships, here are scores from across the USA! In Men’s Collegiate Division, Central Washington defeated Victoria 31-29 in a non-conference match, while Gonzaga topped Washington State 31-27. In Mid-South action, Life University beat Lindenwood 32-10, and Clemson fell to Arkansas State 76-24. Elsewhere, Notre Dame held a double-header versus Bethel and Lake Forest College. Versus Lake Forest, Notre Dame came away with the win 22-17, while against Bethel they were victorious 62-7. MTSU fell to UCF 39-22 beyond the forty minute mark, and Florida State neutralized Kennesaw 43-7. Indiana saw action versus Penn State, and emerged victorious 29-19. Meanwhile in the SIRC Final match, Florida State defeated Central Florida for the title. Life University competed in a crossover match against the Atlanta renegades, and ultimately won said match 43-12. In the military show down known as the Commander in Chief’s Trophy, the Black Knights of Army defeated the Midshipmen of Navy 24-18.

Photo Credit: USNA Rugby Alumni

In Texas, the NSCRO Cowboy Cup kicked off with a University of Dallas victory against Denver University 25-22. Neighboring Angelo State took on Regis University , with the winner advancing to play in California. After eighty minutes of smash-mouth rugby  Angelo State stood victorious, sporting a score of 62-10. To finish out the day, Dallas faced off against Angelo State in battle for state pride and dominance. Angelo State ultimately took the day, defeating Dallas 40-34 to end an exciting weekend of NSCRO Fifteens.

Photo Credit: UDRFC

In College Women’s competition, USC defeated Appalachian State 38-17 in regulation time. Elsewhere Life University defeated Princeton 5-0 in a set sevens series, and BYU beat the Alumni All Stars 33-12. The Lone Star Conference saw an exciting series of Sevens this past weekend, hosted by none other than Texas State. UNT led the field most of the morning defeating LeTourneau, Sam Houston, Abilene Christian, and UTSA by at least a one try margin per game. On the opposite end of the spectrum, newcomers Abilene Christian refused to be trampled despite only being a three month old club. The ladies of Abilene scored a try almost every game, and held their opponents within two try margins throughout the day.

Photo Credit: Juan Escobedo

Men’s Senior Division, Texas was busy with various matches across the state. The Austin Blacks took on the Dallas Harlequins across D1 and D2. In D1, the Blacks topping the Harlequins 52-26, while the D2 Harlequins were beat as well 69-0. The Dallas Reds were active as well, scoring a victory against HARC 62-7. The respective D2 units of HARC and the Reds played as well, with the Reds taking another victory 55-0. HURT and their cohort the Henchmen saw action this weekend as well, respectively facing off against Kingwood and Alamo City. Against Kingwood, the Henchmen walked away victorious 82-10, while HURT was also victorious versus Alamo City 80-15. Katy was successful in their campaign against Woodlands 50-17, and Abilene defeated Denton 41-0. Last but not least, the El Paso Scorpions tried to reach their sting across borders versus the Albuquerque Aardvarks in Rio Grande Conference play. With twenty two minutes left in regulation, the officials called the match due to unforeseen and undisclosed circumstances. The Scorpions fell to the Aardvarks 27-7. Elsewhere across the USA, Baton Rogue fell to Birmingham 34-29 in conference play. Tulsa routed Oklahoma 35-7, whilst Orlando defeated Okapi 35-21.

Photo Credit: Derek Lucero

In Women’s Senior Divisional play, the Atlanta Harlequins beat Evansville 94-0. The Austin Valkyries had a double header over the weekend, taking on both Little Rock and  DARC. In the battle against Little Rock, the Valkyries were victorious 56-0, while the match against Little Rock saw a final score of 53-12 in favor of the Austin natives. The Sacramento Amazons defeated Santa Rosa 43-22 in non-conference play.

Photo Credit: Evansville RFC

Lastly, Boys High School rugby saw Elsie Allen defeat Rosa Rugby 30-12 to clench their respective championship. Cathedral High School won versus the Albuquerque Eagles 60-11, and Rock Rugby fell to Plano 14-12. West Lake defeated Jesuit 80-0, and Quin topped Four Points 28-0.

Photo Credit: Kevin Reap


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