RUGBY SHOWS TO WATCH: Singapore To Tokyo: Anyway We Can – Episodes 1 & 2

Enjoy the first two episodes of Singapore To Tokyo: Anyway We Can. This rugby documentary follows two rugby journalists trying to find their way to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo. This is the sports documentary you never realized you wanted to see.

The plan was simple – Rugby journalists and friends Jason and Gift cycle through numerous Southeast Asian Rugby clubs, communities, and charities on the way through to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. But from the outset, this journey instantly turned into the most unpredictable and exciting six weeks of their lives.

Episode 1 – Crack This Life Wide Open

We meet Jason and Gift as they arrive in Singapore. As they prepare to launch the bike ride, they run into a series of obstacles, from funding issues to early equipment malfunctions. How are they ever going to get this trip started?

Episode 2 – The Heaven To Hell To KL

Jason and Gift kick off the bike ride as they head to Kuala Lumpur. As they start off the trip, trouble turns comes up for the duo as they hit the road. The bikes continue to create problems, and the ride seems to be creating issues for Gift. Jason also finds himself with a challenging ride to meet up with his family to make his wife’s birthday.

Don’t miss the rest of this great adventure. Rent or buy this rugby journey for the whole family to see. If you haven’t had a chance to travel, go to a Rugby World Cup, or are just interested in seeing new cultures, this sports documentary is for you.

Enjoy this full rugby documentary series at https://seerugby.vhx.tv/

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