Scores From This Weekend: Women’s College Rugby – Week of February 21

Mason-Dixon Conference

University of North Carolina 59, North Carolina State 19

Went 1-0 in our predictions

South Independent Rugby Conference


Life University 53, University of Central Florida 0

University of Tennessee 5, University of Florida 85

We went 2-0 in our predictions

Courtesy of LSU Women's Rugby
Courtesy of LSU Women’s Rugby


Lee University , University of Georgia (ppd)

UT-Chattanooga 40, Clemson 0 (forfeited)

Spring Hill College 0, Emory 40 (forfeited)

Kennesaw State University 17, University of Alabama 22

We went 2-0 in our predictions

Unknown conference

Tulane 0, LSU 46

In our first iteration of the Women’s College Rugby predictions, we went 5-0. There were some games that we cannot account for because of postponement or undeclared scores, but we will update the story as per necessary.

There are teams that we would like to make predictions from that are in the Carolina Rugby Union and True South Rugby Union, if you can send us past and current scores of the women’s college teams in those unions, it would be helpful.

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