SEREVI Rebranded

The famous Rugby development organization, Serevi Rugby, has officially rebranded itself as ATAVUS. An acknowledgement to the change environment of Rugby and taking its focus from one person, to a more universal title, ATAVUS wants to show that their focus is on taking Rugby to the next phase.

ATAVUS statement on their website explains:

ATAVUS is building on the foundation of success Serevi has built over the last five years. We have learned more about the unique American rugby community, and ATAVUS is set to help to continue to grow the game. We like to say “New Name. Same Game.” ATAVUS provides:

  • Sustained, Year Round Programming: As part of this new approach, we’re building out the ATAVUS Academy, which provides sustained, year-round programming for athletes, to complement team play and the USA Rugby Academy “event-based” programs.
  • Support for the Women’s Game: Providing equal support for equal quality programming, supporting development of female coaches, and our ongoing support for the first ever Girls High School All-American team.
  • Support for Coaches: Lastly, we believe a coach is the game changer for players, and their ability to connect with their players beyond skills and drills will make the difference – so we’re creating more opportunities for coaches to build skills & network.
  • Community Building: More than ever before, ATAVUS will be a megaphone – an ambassador – that helps the masses understand the quickly growing passion for Rugby in the U.S. We provide community opportunities for players to engage via social media, and wear apparel that identifies to themselves as Rugby players

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