Singapore To Tokyo: Anyway We Can Documentary Premieres

It was supposed to be simple. Just a bike ride through Southeast Asia and the opportunity to go to the Rugby World Cup 2019. For these two friends, it became more than just a trip. It became the adventure that neither expected, but both needed.

Jason and Gift were two fledgling rugby reporters, and friends, who were
trying to navigate their way through a world that wasn’t forgiving.

Jason was living in Borneo, a sleepy island off the coast of Indonesia in
Asia. In that moment he was trying to find a way to break out of the cycle of
monotony that he had found himself in.

On the other side of the world, in Louisiana, USA, Gift was still trying to
figure out what his place in rugby was.

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup finally being in held in Japan for the first
time ever, Jason came to Gift with an idea that many would consider
“crazy”. To take a six week bike ride through Southeast Asia,
featuring the different rugby clubs and organizations along the way, all the
way to the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Watch this riveting 7-part series about the journey that almost never was, and find out what it takes to overcome your obstacles and achieve the goals that you didn’t think possible.

Singapore to Tokyo: Anyway We Can, available now on Video on Demand. Click the link and join the adventure.

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