Spotlight Player of The Week: Alyssa Stutes

Alyssa Stutes began watching rugby in high school and it immediately peaked her interest but it was not until six months ago she first picked up a rugby ball and began playing the sport.

Stutes played competitive sports all throughout high school and missed the team atmosphere she once had. So when she found out that LSU was starting up a women’s rugby program, she jumped at the opportunity. She explained, “Last spring one of my friends told me that they were planning on starting a women’s team at LSU again and I thought it sounded like a great opportunity. Since I played competitive sports all throughout high school, mainly soccer, I was excited to get back to a team atmosphere.”

Having the opportunity to play LSU rugby has been a wonderful experience for Stutes, she has loved every minute of it. “My experience playing for LSU has been absolutely incredible. I do not think I have ever met a more welcoming and talented group of women in my life. Everyone is so supportive and charismatic. I couldn’t think of a better place or group of people to play and learn with,” explained Stutes.

Stutes takes down the ball carrier during a match. Photo Courtesy of LSU Women's Rugby.
Stutes takes down the ball carrier during a match. Photo Courtesy of LSU Women’s Rugby.

Stutes got quite the surprise in the latest tournament she played in as she was named MVP of the NashBash tournament. This came as a surprise to Stutes but was very excited and honored. She said, “I don’t play to get recognized. I play for my team and it was an unexpected and humbling experience for me.”

Playing rugby is one of Stutes passions and it means the world to her. She just loves playing the game and the family atmosphere that comes with it. “I really just absolutely love playing rugby, I love stepping on the field and getting that adrenaline rush, and I love being in the pack and being in the middle of the scrum,” said Stutes.

Gift-Time Rugby Wishes the best of luck to Stutes and the rest of the LSU women’s squad with the rest of their spring season!

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