Spotlight Player of The Week – Amanda McBride

Current senior at Oregon State and president of the women’s rugby team, Amanda McBride has made a huge impact on the organization and has proven herself a tremendous leader for the team.

Now in her fourth year of playing, McBride had heard about the game of rugby during her high school days but never had the opportunity to play. She was beyond excited when she heard Oregon State had a team.

She has stuck with the game because she can’t get enough of the physicality and the bonds between players. “I love the physicality of the sport and the bond with teammates that isn’t created by any other sport I’ve played,” said McBride.

McBride levels a player. Photo by Mia Mitchell
McBride levels a player. Photo by Mia Mitchell

It is no surprise what McBride’s favorite moments are as they have to do with physicality. The exercise and sport science major explained, “My favorite rugby moment would have to be either: 1) hooking the ball and winning opposing scrums, or 2) Winning defensive rucks!”

Along with the toughness of rugby, the family that comes with playing rugby  is why McBride loves playing at Oregon State. “Rugby has truly provided a family away from home, I’ve found my best friends playing this sport and it has truly become a deep passion for me,” said McBride.

Oregon State women’s rugby will now focus on sharpening up their skills over the off season for fierce competition during the spring!

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