Spotlight Player of The Week: Bethany Dykes

Bethany Dykes has become a key player and staple in the development of Mobile’s first women’s rugby team. The team is in its inaugural season and have their next big test June 13th at the Alabama State Games.

Dykes began playing rugby because she was looking for a way to get fit and a opportunity to meet new people. Dykes originally began playing for Spring Hill College. Although she was not a student, the team welcomed her with opened arms. Once she got wind of a women’s teams starting in Mobile, she came running.

The team began when ex-Spring Hill coach, Mollie McCarthy started a women’s program at Spring Hill College to help generate interest about the sport. From there, the community has helped grow the game and now has a women’s team for all interested players.

Dykes has loved playing for her new team and feels it is a great addition to the Gulf Coast city. She explained, “This experience has been all positive. The seriousness and the heart these ladies and Coach Mike have for the game make it all the more enjoyable.”

Dykes (Middle) takes a photo after the teams first tournament. Photo Courtesy of Bethany Dykes.
Dykes (Middle) takes a photo after the teams first tournament. Photo Courtesy of Bethany Dykes.

Toughness is a major part of rugby and Dykes displayed this attribute during her favorite rugby moment when she had her first breakaway try. “I took off down the sideline and just before the try line, I was tackled from the inside and it pushed me over the try line. The tackle initially broke my foot. I played the rest of the season with it broken and had reconstruction surgery over the summer,” said Dykes.

Battleship Women’s rugby is still in its early stages but Dykes holds high hopes for the team as it gains more publicity and players. She said, ” I have high hopes for Battleship Women’s Rugby. As we continue to grow in numbers and publicity, I feel like each member is an ambassador for women’s rugby everywhere. Every time we step on the pitch it’s and advancement in women’s rugby and that’s are ultimate goal.”

For more information on practice times and the team click HERE for their website and HERE for their Facebook page.

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