Spotlight Player of The Week: Caitlin Schlottman

Caitlin Schlottman first found rugby when she went to her boyfriends game and said to herself, “I want to do this thing. This is a really cool thing.” From there, she found the University of Georgia Women’s rugby club and the rest is history.

Her favorite moment came during a crucial part of a game against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The Bulldogs were down by two tries and their outlook was looking grim. Coming out of a scrum, Schlottman took the ball and scored a try giving her team new life in the game.

Rugby has had a huge impact on Schlottman’s life and has taught her a valuable lesson, making mistakes are okay. She explains, “Understanding that making mistakes makes me a better person, helps me learn and grow while teaching me to be understanding and compassionate has gifted me an improvement in confidence.” She continues, “This confidence doesn’t only apply to my performance on the field but extends into my personal, academic, and professional life. My future looks so much brighter because of rugby. I know I can take the strides to succeed in every aspect of my life but I accept and can’t wait for all of the trips and stumbles I am certain to take. Rugby has made me unafraid to live.”

Caitlin Schlottman goes up for a lineout. Photo Credit: Nakia Lee
Caitlin Schlottman goes up for a lineout. Photo Credit: Nakia Lee

Rugby has taught Schlottman amazing lessons to live by and great confidence which is why University of Georgia rugby will always mean a lot to her. She often refers to the team motto “in union there is strength” and how she can count on her teammates for anything. “Being a part of UGA Rugby means that I have a support group like no other. I can call on anyone of my current, past, and future teammates and be confident that I can find a helping hand if I need it. This team has been so inspiring to me,” said Schlottman.

She continues, ” I know I always have UGA Rugby with me. I will always use this group when describing who I am. It never leaves you. Once a Dawg, Always a Dawg. UGA Rugby is a permanent part of me and I will love it and all of its members unconditionally.”

Georgia is on a bye week this weekend but be sure to watch out for Caitlin and the Bulldogs as they will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs!

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