Spotlight Player of The Week – Cambria Morrow

Cambria Morrow, a fifth year Spanish major, lights up the pitch with her blazing speed on the wing. The TCU rugby star has accomplished some impressive feats during her time with the Horned Frogs and she looks to close out her collegiate career on a high note.

Morrow looks to her brother for inspiration in rugby as he was the one who got her to pick up the game. She explained, “My brother is my inspiration. He played rugby at St. Edward University and encouraged me to join. For the longest time I ignored him because I felt the sport was too rough, but now that’s one of my favorite aspects of this sport. It’s not for everyone and rugby will sort out who can take it and who can’t.”

After the initial exposure to rugby, she was hooked. Morrow loves the toughness that it takes to play rugby and you can see that love in her favorite rugby moment. Morrow remembers a time where she took down a girl twice her size during a game. She left the field triumphant.

Morrow, back center, poses with her team for a photo. Photo by TCU Rugby
Morrow, back center, poses with her team for a photo. Photo by TCU Rugby

TCU has been one of the greatest experiences Morrow has ever come across. She has grown as a person and has had the ability to travel and gain new experiences to further develop herself as a player. “My experiences with TCU have been amazing. We have hosted a Serevi camp, travelled to Vegas for the 7’s tournament, and we’ve had experienced guest coaches from time to time. Every year the rugby program on both the men’s and women’s team has grown. And, every year I learn so much and grow as a player. No matter what we do on or off the field I’m always learning something new from playing rugby, watching rugby, or talking about rugby,” said Morrow.

The TCU women’s side has shown off some impressive skills in the past and are excited to see how Cambria and her team has grown next time they hit the pitch!

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