Spotlight Player of The Week: Darian Lovelace

Darian Lovelace really didn’t have a choice on whether to play rugby or not as she was born into the rugby community. Her father has been playing for over 20 years and, in this case, like father like daughter, she followed in his shoes and stepped up to play rugby. Lovelace is now in her fourth year of rugby and is dominating at flanker for Life University.

Lovelace has loved every second of her experience at life and is excited to see where the program will go over the years. She explained, “In regards to my experiences playing for life, they’ve been nothing but amazing. They weren’t kidding whenever they said there was a difference between being fit and being Life fit. It’s truly been an awesome opportunity to work with an amazing coaching staff and to work with dedicated and fun teammates! I can’t wait to see where our program goes!”

Lovelace looks to make break down field. Photo Courtesy of Life University Rugby.
Lovelace looks to make break down field. Photo Courtesy of Doctor Hawk Photo.

Lovelace really struggled to think of her favorite moment because there were so many. She really enjoys when her team supports each other on the field and encourages them to do their best.  “I think my favorite moments in rugby are anytime you hear a teammate in the pitch cheering for you like “yeah, man. Nice tackle!” Our team does that a lot,” said Lovelace.

She was able to pick out one moment in particular that came during a wet and muddy practice. Lovelace said, “We had a two hour contact practice in this giant mud pit and every one of the Life girls were laughing and smiling the whole time as we were nailing each other. We had a little mud fight afterwards, too!”

Life University women’s rugby has dominated this season. Be sure to catch them this weekend as they host Georgia Tech at 10 am at their home field, the LifeU Rugby Complex.

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