Spotlight Player of The Week – Joe Ruocco

Joe Ruocco has been a staple for the Louisiana State University men’s rugby team and has assisted in taking the program to new heights.

Inspired by his father playing rugby, Ruocco saw the opportunity in Baton Rouge and took advantage of it right after high school. Once transferring into LSU, he continued to make a positive impact on his new team. “I started playing because my dad played in college and while he was in the marine corps. So I was always interested in the sport but my high school didn’t offer it. When I got to college I wanted to be part of something and a rugby club seemed like a perfect fit for me. Sure enough loved playing with the Baton Rouge guys so when i got to LSU I joined the team right away,” said the Newbury Massachusetts native.

Ruocco has had a fruitful experience while playing for the Tigers. He is proud to wear the LSU colors and can’t get enough of being around his teammates. He continued, “My experience at LSU has been great, the club has a winning history and a lot of alumni that hang around. It makes you proud to wear the colors. The team is a real family atmosphere, most of us live with other rugby players, and it shows on the field. I think what sets us apart from other clubs is we can focus when we need to and everybody’s willing to put in the extra work between seasons and practices. That extra training and continuity gives us that edge we need to win matches.”

Ruocco and company are ready to take on the challenge of a new conference and new opposition but he is confident the team can succeed. He explained, “All of us are excited for this season, we’re in a new conference and division, so all we can do is prepare ourselves best we can for tough competition. And we’ve done just that,by improving every day in practice and games. Most of us have played together for at least a couple of years so the connections are there and we just need to fine tune our game play to make us as competitive as possible.”

Be sure to tune in HERE at Gift-Time Rugby Network to see TCU vs LSU season opener!

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